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Sniper data book by snip1er the following data pages can and should be used to gather and record information. In the event that one shot one kill is required, you can use the book as a reference for the proper dope for the critical shot. Itc marksmanship data book 1 sniperlong rangered logo. Handy data books keep ballistic data at your finger tips, for quick targeting adjustments and deadon accuracy. Precisionsniper log book notes these sheets are designed to be printed double sided, using the flip up orientation i. The book uses a 6 ring polydura mini binder, which allows the operator to organize the book per mission needs. S tactical supplys modular sniper data book package. Your source for precision rifle and sniper data books endorsed by us military and law enforcement snipers consistency equals accuracy. The days of collecting your shooting information in premade books designed by someone who perceives how you may shoot, and offers you a data book of target pages that are little to no value to you are long gone.

Booksniper data sniper data book for law enforcement and military operators and instructors. The modular data book is made from milspec materials and construction. Features formulas for scope adjustments, windage, elevation, temperature conversions with pages for static marksmanship and moving targets. Zobacz wiecej pomyslow na temat wojsko, snajperzy i bron. Invalid emails will appear to work, but in reality we will not receive them.

The third option is to get a small binder type data book that you can customize to your mission. The thunder beast data book will revolutionize how you keep and use a sniper databook or longrange shooting databok. The binder is a six ring polydura plastic for easy data organization and retention. Sightmark sniper data book wcover 5 star rating free. Its like a binder where you can add and remove pages at will. Your next stop should be an office supply store or website. While most rifles built by the same company are manufactured generally the same, each rifle will perform with slight differences compared. Rifle data book a lesson in dope primal rights, inc. Tactical supply inc, modular sniper data book alpha data refill sheets, nsn 1220015471808 page size 458 x 7 what other items do customers buy after viewing this item. Together, the sniper and observer determine the effects of weather on ballistics. We were also the first to offer free printable targets that exactly match the target pages in the data book, a true modular system.

Having a good data book and keeping good records is so important for long range shooting. The all in one sniper kit allows shooters to get everything they need in one easy package. Formed in 2003, storm tactical was the first data book producer to offer custom made pages, and fully customized books. Data books are used by rifle shooters, both sport and tactical, to gather information to match the shooter, their rifle, and ammunition. Some you pay for, and some you can download for free. Our idata book app is made for the sporttactical longrange rifle marksman market. Us tactical supply is selling a killer data book now. Manufactured and assembled in the united states with all berry compliant materials. Comeups, dedicated cold bore, cold bore zero, zero calls, technical reticle hold, torso, special target, movers, unknown distance long range, range card field sketch, sniper observation log, round count, usmc click wind charts, information pages with formulas, and notes pages. Modular sniper data book range estimation offset refill sheets.

The sniper data book contains a collection of data cards. Plaster years ago i coined the axiom, you cannot shoot more precisely than you can aim, to underline the importance of a crisply focused reticle, properly set elevation and correct sight picture. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the enter key is pressed. Moreover, this document offers greater insight for those who want to understand the role and way a sniper thinks and operates how they provide a unique skill set to benefit the team. The sniper teams mission is to deliver precision fire. Sightmark sniper data book wcover has been discontinued by sightmark and is no longer available. A canadian sniper has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot recorded in military history. Find great deals on ebay for sniper data book and sniper log book. The sole purpose of a sniper is to be an asset to his team by providing them fluid battlefield. This kit is designed for military and law enforcement snipers as well as competitive shooters. This page is in no way intended to glorify the amount of people these soldiers have killed, it is intended to recognize the manner in which these soldiers excelled at accomplishing the misson assigned to them in a time of war. Najlepsze obrazy na tablicy sniper data book 26 wojsko. Book sniper data sniper data book for law enforcement and military operators and instructors.

The download links the american sniper pdf is below. The rifle data book to track the performance of your rifle and ammunition, and to discover tiny variances between book data and your own combo of riflescopeammo, a precision rifleman uses a rifle data book which we are simplifying by giving you a free page that you can duplicate and bind into your own book see below. The sdasdb is the result of combining the best information and modern methods from war fighters, military sniper instructors, and civilian longrange shooters, then combining it with the. A sniper team must be able to move and survive in a combat environment. Brownells is your source for sniper data book at brownells parts and accessories. Aug 17, 2018 the download links the american sniper pdf is below. The sniper data book features 14 pages of formulas, conversion tables and charts on range estimation, wind, moving targets, and angle fire. Thunder beast arms corporation tbac products databook. By offering a data book that will enable you to gather data for multiple rifle systems all in one convenient location, it will alleviate having to purchase and maintain a data book for each rifle you own.

Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. There is a preconceived notation that a sniper is simply a lone wolf out there just getting kills for themselves. Storm tactical pocket data book data books long range. Free printable training targets, data book pages, and manuals. Sheet number out of number of sheets used your name if more than one person uses the book date and time location. Perfect for any caliber weapon system you may operate 40 doublesided pages measures. Hardcoverspiral data book designed for the experienced shooter or sniper.

Aug 08, 2010 the first thing you will notice when you do a search for rifle data book is a few hundred different databooks and styles of data logging. Storm tactical, precision rifle data books, usmc sniper. Sniper template, and whatever else trips your trigger. Storm tactical user manual 21 pages, 7 mb pdf file storm tactical moa target pack with dot drill targets rifle range in yards. Right click the link below, then save target as and download to your hard drive.

Storm tactical, precision rifle data books, usmc sniper, army. Storm tactical and impact databooks would be a couple of the more popular out there. Precision sniper log book notes these sheets are designed to be printed double sided, using the flip up orientation i. Storm tactical free downloads, targets, sniper rifle. All the pages are on write in the rain paper and you get a good set of data pages in the front with range e info and all your formulas and shit. This product may contain chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The storm tactical data book includes the following layouts. Sniper log book download sniper, sniper training, guns. This shooters best friend features over 200 pages of. Data section contains formulas, conversion tables, and charts.

All the pages are on write in the rain paper and you get a good set of data pages in the front with range e info and all. Our simplified density altitude sniper data book sdasdb was designed with several goals in mind. The 6 ring binder is equipped with blackedout rings and all metal hardware. Data book basics by scott vandiver what is a data book and.

The sniper data books are printed on tan rite in rain all weather paper, in a compact paper size of 4 58 x 7. Incorrect book the list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book. This can vary from information about weather conditions to the attitude of the firer on that particular day. To those players we would not award them by name of a sniper. My printer does this automatically but you may have to run your paper through your printer twice to accomplish the same. Oct 06, 2008 1modular data book and 6 ring binder 1 data book cover 1mildot master 1slope doper 1set of ballisticards see below for links 1tactical allweather pen bearaide sniper template. Spam or selfpromotional the list is spam or selfpromotional. Itcmarksmanship data book 3 sniper, military, longrange. Storm tactical precision rifle data book user manual. You can also explore other items in the books yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you.

Loaded with important information, tips and charts with areas for your notes and personal shooting records. The six ring binder also allows the operator to design the book to meet his mission specific needs. Tactical supply inc, modular sniper data book alpha. The essence of precision shooting is applying such factors consistently, shot after shot.

Im pretty serious about this stuff, and this cheese ball data book just aint gonna cut it. Default, price low to high, price high to low, name az. The sniper uses the data cards to record firing results and all elements that had an effect on firing the weapon. Inappropriate the list including its title or description facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow goodreads member or author. I guess if you were pretending to be a shooter this would work the lack of data input is really sad.

Storm tactical pocket data books are storm tacticals most compact book designed for use in the field and for tactical rifle competitions where a lightweight, portable data book is needed. The simplified density altitude sniper data book is a joint venture between thunder beast arms corporation, guerilla tactical, demigod llc, and mirthuls. Itc marksmanship data book 2 sniperlong rangegreen logo. This manual covers all aspects of being a sniper in arma 2.

Sniper log book download sniper, sniper training, guns tactical. At 5x4 they are smaller than other data books and yet are packed with information and data entry field across 210 pages. This information includes ballistic tables for standard. I like the modular sniper data book by us tactical supply.

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