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If violence is wrong in america, violence is wrong abroad. Martin luther king and malcolm x debate by raymond fisher. Earl, a baptist minister, is a follower of marcus garveys black. Malcolm x is born malcolm little in omaha, nebraska, the fourth of earl and louise littles seven children. These are some of the most famous speeches of malcolm x. Malcolm xs fiery speech addressing police brutality youtube. They provide an indepth documentation of malcolm x as black muslim theologian, black. Mitchell and malcolm x become close friends after she saw him speak at the university of rochester in 1962. Changes start with ourselvessome people are able to change the worldothers are part of those changesjust like the president of the.

Malcolm x was born malcolm little on may 19, 1925 in omaha, nebraska. The words, the ideas, the beliefsall coming to your from malcolm x himself. While the video is great because it is packed solid. The ballot or the bullet was a speech by malcolm x mostly about black nationalism delivered april 12, 1964 in detroit, michigan. Malcolm x born malcolm little, also known as elhajj malik elshabazz, was an american black muslim minister and a spokesman for the nation of islam.

The voice of malcolm x is like a baritone saxophonepowerful, full, and deep with a gravely gravitas that demands your attention. Malcolm x may 19, 1925 to february 21, 1965 was a minister, human. Now he can be seen on a new 2dvd collection of the most complete malcolm x video material ever assembled. You dont need a degree to understand malcolm, you only need a able brain. The house negro and the field negro, speech by the great malcolm x, after the march on washington 1963. These are some of the ways africanamerican activist and former nation of islam spokesman malcolm x was described before and after his death in 1965. And while malcolm x may have had a natural leaning toward dramatic. Malclom x speech at oxford university by 40acresmule. Until his 1965 assassination, he vigorously supported black nationalism. The autobiography of malcolm x american experience. His mother, louise norton little, was a homemaker occupied with the familys eight children.

Malcolm x speeches by any means necessary by alan x. Malcolm x civil rights activist mini bio bio youtube. Malcolm x speaks to reporters about the black nationalist movement and the need to establish black rifle clubs. Id call it the type of extremism that was involved when america dropped the bomb on hiroshima and killed 80,000 people, or over 80,000 people. Lost malcolm x speech heard again 50 years later brown university senior malcolm burnley was working on a class assignment in the library archives last fall when he made a. Elijah muhammad declares that the christian religion has failed you, at uline theater rally in washington, dc. Senior malcolm burnley shares details about a little known piece of brown history. A complete list of over 50 speeches and interviews by malcolm x. That was what you well, not you, since maybe you didnt vote for him anyway bought when you voted for obama. If any man expressed the anger, struggle and insistence of black people for freedom in the sixties, it was malcolm x. Excerpt taken from great speeches volume 16 from educational video group. Sign in deleted video malcolm x message to the grassroots by straightshine.

If it is wrong to be violent defending black women and black children and black babies and black men, then it is wrong for america to draft us, and make us violent abroad in defense of her. Changes start with ourselvessome people are able to change the worldothers are part of those changesjust like the president of the united states. Malcolm xs fiery speech addressing police brutality. In fact, i think wed be fooling ourselves if we had an audience this large and didnt.

One of the reasons malcolm x developed a reputation as a firebrand who intimidated whites and middleoftheroad blacks is largely because of the provocative comments he made in interviews and speeches. The last speeches music cd album at cd universe, enjoy top rated service and worldwide shipping. With denzel washington, angela bassett, delroy lindo, spike lee. The papers consist of personal and family memorabilia, correspondence, writings and notes, selected organizational records and printed matter. What better instrument for a man whose forceful, fiery speeches. These 10 simple speeches changed my entire world never had i ever heard a man speak like this an make it so easy to understand. The video features film and audio of the great leader malcolm x mostly as excerpts from some of his famous speeches.

Malcolm xs speech to the oxford union club, england by. Malcolm xs speech to the oxford union club, england by any means necessary dec 12, 1964 mr. Chairman, tonight is the first night that ive have ever had opportunity to be as near to conservatives, as i am. Controversial to some, revolutionary to others, the above declaration was uttered by malcolm x during a public debate at the oxford union society in december, 1964. The malcolm x collection is divided into nine series, the bulk of which range from 1961 to 1964. Two speeches by malcolm x paperback april 1, 1990 by malcolm x author 4. The best part of malcolm xs day was probably going to be that speech. Moderator, reverend cleage, brother lomax, brothers and sisters, and friends and i see some enemies. In this clip from 1965, after leaving the nation of islam, malcolm x appears on cbctvs front page challenge weeks before his assassination. At the time, mitchell was a member of the monroe county board of supervisors predecessor of the countylegislature representing the third ward the corn hill neighborhood and adjacent areas. Biographical epic of the controversial and influential black nationalist.

You know anybody is supposed to be able to go to france, its supposed to be a very liberal place. Best known for his controversial advocacy for the rights of blacks, some consider him a man who indicted white america in the harshest terms for its crimes against black. Malcolm x the house negro and the field negro youtube. It was an event seized on by an outraged malcolm x, who would condemn it in an impassioned speech. Malcolm x may 19, 1925 february 21, 1965 was an africanamerican muslim minister and human rights activist, who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement. Malcolm x was one of the worlds most important human rights leaders and an incredibly gifted speaker. A spoken word record that documents malcolm xs activity with the nation of islam and his later dissent founder elijah muhammad that brought. A collection of rare tv footage and speeches covering malcolm xs life and death video. His father, earl little, was an outspoken baptist minister and avid supporter of black nationalist leader marcus garvey. He made it very clear he adheres to the king methods as opposed to the ballot or bullet tactics that malcolm subscribed to and later renounced. Presents over one hundred photographstaken by photographers such as gordon parks and eve arnoldthat document malcolm xs life when the word is given. Malcolm xs fiery speech addressing police brutality in 1962, a confrontation with the lapd outside a mosque resulted in the death of a nation of islam member. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions.

Haley also began to accompany malcolm to speeches, meetings, and other events, witnessing malcolms elation after addressing college students and his fury after being silenced by elijah muhammad. Remembering brother malcolm news rochester city newspaper. If it is wrong to be violent defending black women and black children and black babies and black men, then it is wrong for america to draft us. With malcolm x, juanita abernathy, ralph abernathy, joan baez. On this occasion malcolm x, or elhajj malik elshabazz the name he officially assumed months before was special guest of the oxford universitys debate society.

I thought on one of them i would get the ballot or the bullet and some of his other more defining speeches. Changes start with ourselvessome people are able to change the world others are part of those changesjust like the president of the. Malcolm x was an african american civil rights leader prominent in the nation of islam. Noted civil rights activist malcolm x delivers the speech democracy is hypocrisy. And the speaker who preceded me, first i want to thank you for the. The ballot or the bullet malcolm x delivered 12 april, 1964 in detroit usa mr.

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