Wwe vs wcw monday night wars episode 10

This what if story takes a look at what might have happened if the two organizations had fought each other during. In 1995, wcw debuted the live television flagship program wcw monday nitro, and subsequently developed a ratings competition now known as the monday night wars against the flagship program of the wwf, monday night raw. Chris jericho shed his cruiserweight stigmas to make his mark on both wwe and wcw throughout the monday night war. On one side, vince mcmahon, the promoter who created wwe and made the industry what it is today. If wwe lost the war wcw nitros open would look like this. By the time tna relaunched the monday night wars in earnest on march 8, it was too late. This episode is one the best wcw monday nitros ever aired. Wrestling page for those who loved monday night wars. The monday night war that tna wants you to forget wwe vs. In the united kingdom and also in ireland, it was known as the friday night wars as both. The monday night war was a magical time for wrestling fans, with the wwf and wcw going headtohead in an allout battle for wrestling supremacy.

The monday night wars featured both wwe and wcw trying to top each other. With charles ashenoff, steve austin, chris benoit, eric bischoff. Raw and nitro went headtohead for the first time on september 11, 1995. For its entirety, the program went headtohead with the world wrestling federations wwf, now wwe monday night. With skills in the ring and on the microphone, the rocks creativity and charisma made him one of the biggest names in all of entertainment. Wwe slam city an animated series featuring current wwe talent, based on the mattel toy line of the same name. Wcw ran a live show and yet wwe was still in their liveeveryotherweek mode. Eric bischoff, who was president of wcw during the monday night wars, was determined to remain the superior show on monday nights, and presented cuttingedge content every week to outwit wwe in the ratings. The best and worst of wcw monday nitro for august 10, 1998, featuring the fallout from jay lenos five star match at road wild. Wwes ruthless aggression era created todays biggest stars.

The monday night wars were a period of mainstream televised american professional wrestling where the world wrestling federations wwf, now wwe monday night raw and world championship wrestling s wcw monday nitro were broadcast opposite each other in a battle for nielsen ratings each week. By early 1999, the wwe had come back in the monday night ratings war with wcw. Monday night war the fall of wcw video dailymotion. Wwe and wcw each work celebrities into their product, as the monday night war becomes water cooler conversation. Wcw monday nitro or simply nitro is a professional wrestling television program that was produced by world championship wrestling and broadcast weekly every monday night on tnt from september 4, 1995 to march 26, 2001, when wcw s assets were purchased by the wwf. Wcw nwo monday night nitro nwo attack sting and macho man randy savage. In fact, wcw went 83 weeks without losing in the ratings to wwe.

Wwe monday night wars s01e11 movreel, monday night wars s01e11 watch online. If its monday night, you can expect a brand new episode of raw on prime time television. From 19961998, wcw surpassed their rival program in the ratings for 83 consecutive weeks, threatening to severely undercut. Cartoon network cable 65 2000 wcw action figures and toys monday night wars nitro era. On september 10, 1999, bischoff was removed from power. Vince mcmahon retaliated with billionaire ted skits and sending dx to invade wcw headquarters and wcw shows.

One of the main causes for this was the promotions 2008 shift to a familyfriendly approach in which all of its programs received a rating of tvpg. Rather than their audience growing against wwe, they got crushed. As we head into 1996, the monday night wars get serious with the onset of the nwo storyline and the dominance of monday nitro. The answer lies in a perfect storm of talent, story and a brash, young visionary named eric bischoff. Wwe monday night war wwe vs wcw monday night war e 4 a new d generation p. A look at the midcard performers who worked their way to the top during the monday night wars. Find out just what caused each episode to have such a successful result from.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the final episode. What would wcw nitros opening sequence look like if wcw won the monday night war. Monday night war fight of the cruiserweights video. Eric bischoff also challenged vince mcmahon to a match in a wcw ring in slamboree 1998. In this particular skirmish of the monday night wars, both wcw and wwf made it very easy for viewers to pick a wrestling show for the evening. The 10 most shocking moments of the monday night war 0 of 10 two companies, battling it out for supremacy in the. Wwe more than doubled the rating with raw scoring 5. The ratings war lasted from september 4, 1995, to march 26, 2001. December 2, 2014 in an era of shifting loyalties, wwe and wcw would each build a cornerstone in order to achieve stability. What ended up happening was a war of epic proportions, the monday night war. The dvd covers the basics during the monday night wars, but the main thing this dvd lacks is the details of what went through between wcw and wwe.

Monday night wars is the common term describing the period of mainstream televised american professional wrestling from september 4, 1995, to march 26, 2001 5 years, 6 months, 3 weeks, 1 day or 2030 days. Although the wwf had acknowledged the title change on their. Since the end of the monday night wars, wwe has had a sharp decline in ratings that was caused by the collapse of wcw. During the january 18 episode, however, ratings would fall to 4. Cartoon network cable 65 2000 wcw action figures and toys monday night wars nitro era tytaotistacenah. Hennig was one of the best wrestlers the wwe had while he was climbing the overall rankings with two runs as the. Also includes looking back on superstars and storylines that made the monday night wars so memorable. On an episode of nitro, madusa threw away the wwf womens title in the garbage can. Contrary to wwe history, not everything wcw did during the 90s was a joke. Wwe monday night war wwe vs wcw monday night war e 4 a new. In 1995, two wrestling companies squared off on monday night television to compete head to head in an unprecedented confrontation. Wcw monday night nitro 1999 nwo ataca goldberg espanol. This raw main event for the first 1999 show was quite unique for one, we were still in the thick of the monday night wars and world championship wrestling wcw was set to run a serious angle for their first show of 1999 to reclaim ground.

Monday night war embracing attitude video dailymotion. Relive the historic monday night battle between wwe and wcw on the monday night war. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the final episode of nitro, imagine wwe s greatest attitude era stars as wcw. The wwe list a fastpaced, interactive series that tallies tweets from the wwe universe to compile the most unusual lists ever in wwe history. The monday night wars between wcw and wwf were epic entertainment, and with the. Lets journey to a parallel wrestling universe and take a look at 15 things that could have been very different had wcw come out on top. The best and worst of wcw monday nitro for august 10, 1998. Though the monday night wars may be over you can still relive the memories of jim crockett promotions and world. Therefore, the wwf ppv was cleared 101 over starrcade, as only three. Wcw a television series about the monday night wars. Relive the historic monday night battle between wwe and wcw on the monday. The invasion was a professional wrestling storyline in the world wrestling federation wwf, now known as wwe that ran from marchnovember 2001 and involved stables of wrestlers purporting to represent world championship wrestling wcw and extreme championship wrestling ecwwhich merged to form the allianceplaced against a stable of wrestlers.

Rey mysterio wcw monday nitro, april 21, 1997 on wwe network. Hogans heel turn got more eyes on wcw and while austin talking shit and coming after bret in late 1996 began turning the tide for wwf. During this time, the world wrestling federations monday night. Wwe s flagship wrestling program has been airing for over 25 years and has often been a ratings hit. After a rocky start in wwe, a thirdgeneration superstar would tap into his real personality and help shift the tide of the monday night war. Flight of the cruiserweights episode 9 online in category. Monday night wars is the common term describing the period of mainstream. The top 10 reasons why wcw nitro could not compete 0 of 10 monday night raw is now in the past and it will be quite a challenge for wwe to make sure the 1,001st episode will keep up.

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